Swiss musician/producer Faux Tales aka Timo Loosli has never been a fan of borders between genres. His tracks effortlessly bridge the gap between cinematic electronica and complex bass music. Fusing elements from neo-classical piano, post-rock, film scores and ambient combined with futuristic electro creates an energetic mix that defies classification.

With several EPs and an album released on his own label Kensai Records, his music surpassed 10 million streams across Youtube, Spotify and other streaming platform. His cinematic tracks are backed by a passionate following and inspired countless videos, ranging from aspiring young artists showreels to the official trailer for Star Citizen.

In 2014, his Dystopia EP with the signature track Atlas quickly gained support by YouTube-heavyweights like MrSuicideSheep and The EDM Network as well by major blogs and artists. The EP entered the Beatport release top 10 for dubstep and electro house and stayed in the top 100 for more than 100 days and Atlas established itself as a landmark track of melodic electronica.

With his debut album Kairos in 2015, Faux Tales further evolved his musical palette, building ethereal textures, pairing piano and orchestral arrangements with cutting edge synth sounds and shoegazing guitars. The album entered the Beatport dubstep top 10 and charted in the iTunes electronica top 100.

The two tracks on Faux Tales latest Ascent EP continue the musical journey of the Dystopia EP. The piano-driven title track surpassed the half-million stream mark just one month after its release on May 10th, 2016. His live video take of Ascent using a grand piano and vintage synthesizer also made its rounds on several synthesizer blogs including synthopia.com.

In 2017, following official remixes for artists like Gryffin, Peking Duk and The Chainsmokers, Faux Tales released his latest cinematic single Beacon on the Arcadium, a new and exciting label by TheFatRat and Universal Sweden.